WANGA JIWA is a running art label based in Berlin. Inspired by the richness of European and African cultural heritage in all its diversity and beauty but also obscurity.

The imagination of a human, but non-human being, makes the artwork outstanding and captivating. The observer will find symbols of humanity, the earth, religion and the universe with all his magic and darkness. While going into the image each viewer will see a different kind of path. So the story is yours as well. The amalgamation of classical cult, futuristic details, spiritual objects and fashion details, enables the artist to transcend the natural and constitute an outer worldly realm that feels near, but in a closer inspection a little unsettling. Unsettling, because of hidden truth in universe. The symbolism in each artwork is not seen by closed hearts. Only when you open your mind and heart you will understand the energy.

The aestheticism and romanticism of beauty are filled with a deeper sense of consciousness. Armed with an innate aesthetic navigation WANGA JIWA evokes a phantasmagorical universe. Inspired by a range of history and cultural books and films, but also by present politics and philosophical thinking, the artist allows herself to transform the human body and story to whatever her working way is bringing her.

WANGA JIWA has an unique signature of working. The ultimate style is seen in the music industry, fashion industry and of course in galleries.It doesn’t matter if its a artwork for a record cover or is it an art for a gallery, her style is distinctive and well perceived by her fans. The way from the photoshoot to the photographic manipulation, is all made entirely by the artist. For upcoming projects, don’t hesitate to write an email, if you are interested in outstanding and touching art for your company projects or simply for your wall design.