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The truth is in you.

SLEEPERS”, different Individuals from very different walks of life. People who watched quietly and quietly tried to educate people to change things and thoughts, abou specific topics. People who have understood, NOW is the time to show their faces and raise their voices together, in order to bring a positive change.

Raising a voice against the sleeping majority, against the general and formed opinions through manipulating mainstream media and, clearly, for minorities. Minorities are subjects, as are they people.

Subjects and issues that were pushed into the background too much on purpose, to continue playing the absurd game of power and influence by Elites and Government.

SLEEPERS“ want to draw attention to these topics with Art.

Topics that many have certainly never heard of. Issues that are so unbelievable that they hurt our souls and have awakened the feeling of being active and no longer being afraid. With our photo project we want to encourage people of light to continue, not to give up and to show their faces.

Start questioning things that come from the system!

There is so much dark in this world. We must change that. For you, for the children – for our future, for all of us and above all for minorities. Let’s go into the light together. Start to read, carefully and aware.

„Nothing in the world is more important than an idea whose time has come.“
Victor Hugo

Would you like to show your face and take part in the project, or just learn more, fell free to write to us: [hoops name=“E-Mail“] If you like to support our project and free work, to keep going making this project possible, then you’ll have here the option to spend money via PayPal. Thank you for your donation.

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Free Speech

Article 5 of the Basic Law.

„Everyone has the right to freely express and disseminate his opinion in word, writing and pictures and to inform himself freely from generally accessible sources. The freedom of the press and the freedom of reporting by radio and film are guaranteed. Censorship does not take place.“

Freedom of opinion is a human right and is guaranteed in constitutions as a fundamental right directed against state authority, in order to prevent the formation of public opinion and the associated debate with government and legislation from being impaired or even prohibited. In close connection with freedom of opinion, freedom of information ensures access to important information without critical opinion-forming would not be possible. The prohibition of censorship prevents the control of opinion and information by government agencies. In contrast to a dictatorship, in a democracy the means of preventive information control through censorship are expressly forbidden to state authorities.

A dictatorship is a form of rule characterized by a single ruling person, the dictator, or a ruling group of persons (e.g., party, military junta, family) with extensive to unlimited political power.

Where are we now? The year is 2020 and we live in an acted democracy. A bubble that threatens to burst. Informers are in top form like in DDR and freedom of speech is a thing of the past.

Justified critics of the government are silenced either by publicly defaming them, by turning off their voice -like social media and channels-and by socially ruining them, or by just locking them away for some time. During the Corona crisis, more user accounts on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other networks were deleted than ever before. Reminds me on some past events of dictatorships. Did you know that in the USA Google, Facebook and Co. have to answer for their actions? These media are not allowed to censor, because they only represent a platform. A platform for exchange is the creative approach and not for opinion making by business interests or even politicians. But this happens right before our eyes and only a few people register it. Partys which are not fitting in the economic orientated system at all, have been heavily censored since the beginning of their term of office, so that in the end information from other parties is scattered by the majority and therefore truthful information simply cannot take place. Employees of Google and Co. have admitted that algorithms have been programmed in favor of certain opinion makers, such as the Democratic Party in the USA. This means that a normal reader does not have the opportunity to access other, informative information and reports because they are blocked from the outset. Why do you ask yourself? Because corrupt business interests and corrupt politicians rule our world and us. Our buying behavior, our voting behavior, our social behavior is shaped by them.

In Germany, governments have tried to limit the demonstrations of people who are critical of governments. Other demonstrations however are still allowed. But if it is a matter of presenting the fact of a provability better, e.g. about the danger of a pandemic situation, then the topic is crushed and again defamed and deleted. The society splits itself exactly therefore into camps and the displeasure grows. And instead of the leaders mediate and contribute to the preservation of togetherness and the human family, the population fires them at people who are of a different opinion to report and avoid. In times of the GDR this rule principle became just as clear. People were spied on and wiretapped, only to be locked away against their will and without a human rights basis and to be abused psychologically.

Welcome to 2020. Welcome to the totalitarian system. China is Merkel’s best friend. Listen to your feelings and follow your heart and question everything that comes from the system.

Stop Human Trafficking

Did you know that human trafficking affects about 25 million people and more every year? Did you know that in 2019 alone, 4 million children were victims of sex trafficking? Did you know that in 2019, this business generated profits of 150 billion US dollars?

Did you know that 1 out of 7 children in the sex trafficking business come from public institutions or organizations that have made child protection their daily business and are supported by well-known personalities and celebrities. Did you know that those who benefit from sex trafficking can earn up to $100,000 per year or more in black money with just one child? The bestsellers in this criminal area are children between the ages of 2 and 8 years.

Did you know that there are a large number of people who are born into this trafficking and nobody even knows that these people exist? They are kept as slaves, without registration or any birth certificates. The network of people who engage in this trade is so large and extensive that they maintain close contacts with all kinds of organizations in order to continue to pursue their criminal activities undercover. Think about all the departments in which these people have to maintain contacts in order to maintain this network. And that for so long now. Children and teenagers have to endure rape and other painful things for years, only to be killed in the end, if they are lucky.

Sometimes the grown up children are sold and married to a man who abuses and impregnates them for many more years, if that is possible after their organs and genitals are mutilated and broken. There is a cycle between abuse and slavery and new illegal births. And no one will ever know that these people were even alive or that they had children. So it is a very lucrative source of income that satisfies several sectors and interest groups. If you think that only sick strangers are involved in this crime, you are unfortunately wrong! Just now the FBI and police have found out that family members of famous politicians are involved in such a crime. Surely you have never heard of it until now. Well, it’s the worldwide corruption of the media. These abused children and also babies, as well as teenagers, women, mens etc. are exploited for so many different topics like sex, cannibalism, prostitution, pregnancy system, slavery, organ trafficking, illegal adoption and other criminal topics. Also refugee children all over the world disappear every day and nobody knows where to go. They never reappear.

Did you know that part of human trafficking involves organ trafficking and generates a profit of $1.7 billion per year or more? In 2016, there was a major hearing in the United States on illegal testing of humans and the organ market. There was never anything in the media about it. But they found 1000 of cases which make you sick.

Now ask yourself why the numbers of missing and born into the ring are increasing year by year and why you hear almost nothing about it in your media or from your government. Departments fighting against this market get blocked as soon as they get too deep into this issue. But that will change!

Did you know that Donald Trump is more or less the only person in a government that speaks clearly about trafficking in people and sex?

If you want to join our project and raise your voice via art, feel free to contact us: [hoops name=“E-Mail“]

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Did you know that the Chinese authorities have imprisoned more than 3 million Urigeren, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and other ethnic Turkish Muslims and Christians in „concentration camps“? Did you know that they have already built 400 camps in China, which were found by undercover agents in Xinjiang province? Most of the inmates there have been imprisoned because of their religious affiliation and also because of their critical opinions towards the Chinese surveillance state. People like teachers, professors, scientists, politicians who stand up for human rights and many other people who do not behave „systemically“. The Chinese government calls this „re- education camp“.

This is part of the plan to create an ideal Chinese race. This includes, among other things, the sterilization of those who are considered „abnormal“ or „useless“ people. It is a cultural genocide, the destruction of an entire class of people by obliterating their religion, language and ethnic identity.

Every day people have to endure violence at the highest level. There are reports in the free media and among others, that various gas chambers are being used. And why all this? Well, the „China Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)“ project in Xinjiang province is an important reason. A project that is supposed to give more and more control to the Chinese. So it is about control, power influence and money. The CCP party of China, which is known for totalitarian power, is more and more in the sights of human rights activists and also some politicians such as Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, who warned of the increasing influence of China on other countries. China’s goal is to control access to and ownership of natural resources such as oil and gas more and more in order to gain even more influence on states worldwide. Even now China has already taken control, control over many countries such as Germany. In order to strengthen this domestic front, people are being enslaved and subjugated, in the spirit of the total communist Chinese government. There are no charges against the inmates. These people are simply brought to these camps without any legal action. They are tortured, abused, sterilized and psychologically traumatized in the most brutal way. The western countries does nothing or not much about these camp, because of fear in view of the economic sanctions they could get. As they do in Germany as well. It is even hushed up. Governments and economic monopolies support this brutal expansion of power in order to continue to generate billions. Unfortunately they do not see the big picture behind it. Total control of a totalitarian state, which has been trying for years to become world power no. 1.

Did you know that in 2020 our basic legal rights were increasingly being restricted worldwide? Because of a „virus“ that, according to the media, comes from China. „Freedom of movement“ (Art. 11), rights to personal development (Art. 2), right to freedom of assembly (Art. 8), freedom of the person (Art. 2), inviolability of the home (Art. 11), right to freedom of occupation (Art. 12). And all this because of worldwide corruption in politics! New laws, very similar to communist state rules, which are always frowned upon in the media. You believe your government because of the obvious manipulation caused by the mainstream media. 24/7 numbers and cases are communicated and nobody understands or wants to understand. If the government says that, then it can’t be a lie, can it? And you are still sitting at home, losing your job, losing your rights, losing your family, losing your health, while you continue to watch TV, listen to the radio and hang out on the social media to distract and inform yourself. You just don’t realize how slowly but surely these media and social channels are giving you snot all the time, spoken to you 24 hours a day. Humans begin to repeat these things, because they are too lazy to go on to may research the truth. Because that would mean, they would have to invest hours of their life, instead of looking simply only stupidly into the TV.

Art.5 Freedom of speech, do you think we still talk freely? A huge big LIE is thrown right in your face every day and only a few notice it.

At the beginning of the year, governments said that the restrictions and changes in the laws were only temporary. Now we are in month 10 and it is getting worse every day. Those who are not politically correct are insulted, persecuted and locked away. The past has proven that in states of emergency like this one in 2020, laws were changed again and again, of course only to „protect“ people. In every such situation, it was said that the changes were only temporary and in the end they remained because the majority had already got used to them and the minority was not strong enough to fight against them. The „Corona Pandemic“ or the „9/11“ gave governments the power and the rationale to change the laws and rules as they saw fit. Always remember, things that change for the good change for the good only because a minority fought for you. Dare to tell the truth!

Did you know that Julian Assange is accused of being a traitor? He stood and stands up for your freedom? For years he has been defamed and is in prison. All „ONLY“ because he stood up for our rights and freedom. Among other things he published explosive documents and information about corrupt politicians, who decide about your and my life and enrich themselves. Not a single lie he told! In principle he can still consider himself blessed, because he is still alive. People like him are all too often found dead.


In political science, totalitarianism is defined as a form of rule that seeks to influence all social conditions, often combined with the claim to form a „new human“ according to a certain ideology.

Especially in the year 2020, the extent to which the topic of totalitarianism is creeping into democratic countries, is becoming more and more apparent. It is disguised by the prevailing indoctrination that totalitarian states are exclusively „right-wing“ oriented or that this system of states would simply be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, this is not true.

Corruption has various levels and is present in almost every policy worldwide. The fact that lobbying in a democracy decides on social policy, is a first indication that democracy does not work here. We are so overloaded with information from the media that we are no longer able to recognize, if and when something negative is creeping into our political system. Politicians make sure that information sounds like gibberish and that every normal consumer, after a short look at the information, waves it away and simply cannot understand what was just said.

With a view to times where Stalinism and National Socialism prevailed, one may like to play us again and again, that WE are not like that – WE are democratic and the people decide (end of sarcasm). Just because totalitarianism was more clearly recognizable in those times, it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t sneak into today’s democracy. You only need corrupt politicians for that. And we have them a lot!

Typical for totalitarianism is also a permanent mobilization in mass organizations and the exclusion up to the killing of those who actually or possibly resist the total claims to power. Well, if you look at the reverse psychology, it looks like today in 2020, it looks like our system, whatever that means, the construct is the non plus ultra and anything and everyone who says differently will be held accountable – one way or another. This, even though FREE SPEECH is enshrined in the German constitution. There are also mass organizations today and they indirectly support the existing system, although they actually stand for something different. We have a very large mass organization, which unfortunately also proceeds very radically and loudly. It is known worldwide and yet it is all too readily „tolerated“ by the population and especially by governments. Even if they have some good approaches, they are supported by those who are the real problem. They destroy property’s of others and say they want same things for everybody, although most of the members have never worked in their lives. They don’t pay social security contributions, don’t care much about laws and still want property to be shared among all people. By the way, this concept of being the “same” is something that we experienced under german socialism. In the end many had nothing and only a few had a lot. The idea is good, but why shouldn’t have someone more than another, if he has worked for it? The problem here is, has he more than others cause of corruption? So this is the root of the problem in each political system. So let’s work on that – corruption!

In China, for example, the concept of the total state is increasingly defining the country. Out of fear, people regularly flee abroad and also report their traumatic experiences.

A further indication of the totalitarian state is also the control of the masses. In this country this strategy remained hidden for a long time, but is becoming more and more obvious. Control is caught up by drastic restrictions in the constitution and media which are equalized and not free, report in the sense of the government and try to cover up as much as possible. Although it is always emphasized that restrictions are only temporary, there is usually no going back. This creeping process into this philanthropic system of totalitarianism is far more dangerous than one might think. People only notice the change when it is no longer avoidable.

We are also often told that totalitarianism requires a kind of fanatical figure to be followed. This is total nonsense, if you consider that it can happen insidiously and that the Trojan horse is only discovered when it has long since taken its place. All these are statements to prevent people from getting a sense of right and wrong. Nobody notices when laws have changed, or politicians try to gain more and more power by using loopholes in the law for their corruption.

Benito Mussolini said: „Everything in the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state“. This sentence should warn us always and constantly, against the so-called dictatorial stripping of a totalitarian leader. But actually, it should read

„Everything to the state, nothing for society and humans, nothing against the state“.

Considering that China has expanded its influence worldwide and in Germany some important politicians are obviously friends of this system, one can only hope that people will slowly wake up and start to question things before it is too late. We are the people. The government should serve the people. Don’t forget!

It is becoming more and more obvious that political concepts of antagonism have been packed into certain schemes to make sure that everyone wants exactly what the governments want. Most people no longer notice if something is democratic or not, because they simply trust blindly. They have lost the natural sense that shows them that they are facing danger. In most countries of democracy, they are simply pretended to have a democracy. This article is not about claiming democracy, it’s about getting it back! In truth, the process of inverted totalitarianism is already too well advanced.

Welcome to democratic elite rule.

‘The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis. ’Dante Alighieri

Further evidence of the total state:

  • pervading total ideology or totalitarian ideology that does not rely on critical consciousness but on conviction (Corona Politics)
  • No civil liberties and/or the disregard of the human rights, no freedom of opinion, no medium liberty (Gleichschaltung of the media – run all over a channel the information censored, where is thus the own opinion from?)
  • Informers, secret services, political police, arbitrary arrests and repression of the population should nip any independent thinking in the bud and intimidate people (Corona politics with arbitrary arrests, defamation, exclusion, as well as dismissals from work, social murder is the order of the day, different political approaches are strictly forbidden)
  • No separation of powers: Legislature, executive and judiciary are not independent and separate from each other, but „are in the hands“ of the dictator or the ruling party (Only recently, one had to watch how some politicians in the leading government tried to merge these issues more with each other and also the Minister of Health Jens Spahn applied for an extension of his special rights. That the opposition has no say in the so-called Corona measures is more than questionable and does not look like democratic procedures).

Sheldon Wolin: „Inverted totalitarianism – striving for the status of a superpower“

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Rethinking History

What if the story, as you know it from family stories and also from school and many, many books, is wrong? Have you ever wondered if it could be, that certain events in the past did happen different? There is a very well-known sentence among historians and peace researchers:

„History is written by the winners“. What could this mean? Well, it means that information’s about historical events are written in a way that fits well into the image of the victors and ensures, that exactly this one story is passed down through the generations. If we now look at how much care is taken to ensure that no criticism of these stories is voiced, or even checked, then in the end we always come to one thought, is there another truth? What about all the backgrounds, research, scientific results on topics like Iraq crisis, Vietnam, Cuba, World War I and II. We ask ourselves again and again, why are peace researchers and historians not get listened? What is wrong with a truthful reappraisal?

And should we not see the search for truth as the core of human dignity?

It is assumed that what we have learned and what we hear again and again is the truth par excellence. But is this really so? Just because this one story is repeated over and over again, it does not mean that this is the truth, does it? In the end, one simply has to see that the historical summaries are always written by the system. A system that is guided by economic interests. A system that more and more forbids one’s own opinion and does not allow public discourse, even though there is a lot of legitimate evidence to reappraise and review the issue. Even worse, people who fight to reappraise issues in order to bring clarity to what is happening are denied any kind of mouthpiece. They are defamed and very badly, they are prosecuted with imprisonment. The question that is asked again and again is, why do certain groups of people invest so much energy in silencing every critic? Because it is disrespectful to history, or maybe because it is to cover up truths that could change everything? Change into an enlightened world, change into a peaceful world and change into a world where we know who is really good and who is evil? Change into a consciousness in which one realizes that nothing is as it seems.

In the past there are many historical events that are controversial. Historians and also peace researchers worldwide, have long been trying to demand a public discourse for this very reason. Of course this is always prevented. We think this should stop! We think that any controversial topic, no matter how controversial it may be, should be given a platform to reappraise topics and make them accessible to the public. The only thing that can lead to real peace is education and truth. This is the only way to learn and profit from the past. The earth listens and watches, it never forgets. There are millions of evidences, many topics from the past, to approach and investigate them anew.

If you now look at topics like military and psychology, you quickly realize that governments around the world spend a lot of energy and also have in the past to keep the masses of the population under control. The control of consciousness and knowledge. The keyword here is „MK Ultra“, an extensive secret research program of the CIA on ways to control consciousness. The program was officially terminated in the 1970s. But was it really? On television, in mainstream media, newspapers, magazines, virtually all system-controlled media, only one truth is ever disseminated. That of the system! No criticism is ever allowed in public, and that is very suspicious. In a free world, where governments only want the best for mankind, it should not be forbidden to question things and to allow transparent processing. If the system really is telling the truth, then why „kill“ everything that disagrees?

Why are laws enacted that prohibit the denial of certain „historical facts“? Does the truth need protection?

We have reason enough to say that the truth is far from known and we are committed to clarity and peace!

War feeds war

With this and other propaganda slogans, the makers glorify the topic of war and its profits. „War belongs to life“ or „Without war, no peace“. Such and other things have been communicated to the normal population for years through leading media. One would like to bring about the normalization of war and quasi ensure that the alarm is not immediately signaled to the people when it comes to the topic of war, because wars are necessary to promote peace in the whole world. *sure

Yes, that sounds wonderful. Wars are fought at the expense of others in order to make the highest possible profits. The business of war has long been a visibly lucrative business, for completely unscrupulous people. They enrich themselves on the misery of others and the bad thing is, it does not interest or move these people. Here only the business and rising stocks count. Everything else are side effects that are necessary in this business. Yes, exactly. Side Effects.

About the stock market and war. The fact that certain companies get high surcharges if they have offers in areas such as security, armaments, transportation, health and pharmaceuticals is already known, but is hardly ever communicated. Everybody knows that it happens, but who exactly and where do these companies come from, nobody really knows or tries to find out. In principle it is quite simple. Virtually every economically reasonably stable country invests in its own arms build-up, in order to sell it lucratively to third countries, in order to keep the respective war going as long and destructively as possible. After that, reconstruction work is needed. The warmongers already have a solution at hand. Foundations and associations of nations are ready to act as Samaritans in the respective war zones and to help the people in the reconstruction of the country. With loans, food, pharmaceutical industry, technology and of course with the right policies.  A policy that is based on the fact that the newly destroyed country takes out high loans and makes itself dependent on the banks of this world for eternity. Who wins in this cycle? Of course, the investors and investors. The nations and their politicians and economic bosses. Never the fighter himself wins, and certainly not the ordinary citizen, from whom everything has been taken away, including his dignity. Soldiers go to war with a certain ideology that has been built up through manipulation. Who else would voluntarily go to war knowing that it is all about profit and exploitation? Only monsters.

That this whole scenario meanwhile before at stock markets is noted and one thereby quasi as „Normalcustumer“ with „support“ may, well that is only few well-known. As with any other company share, there are forecasts that are made in order to better estimate the profits. Those who think that you have to look into a crystal ball are mistaken. Wars have long been politically and economically controlled. They serve only one purpose – PROFIT. Not for nothing is there a big lobby for this, or did somebody think that the lobby would be there to express itself critically towards politics and to act in the interest of the citizen? No, these people do it so well to promote the war and to convince more and more humans in positions of power of it to take part in it. The war business is one of the biggest economic drivers, so why stop it when it is so nice to live with and only the rabble has to suffer from it? Exactly. The elite of the world is not like you and me. They are only interested in their own kind and that is the strong financial elite of the world. It is the „war between the rich and the poor of this world“ (Warren Buffet). And if you think that „poor“ here means one of the third world countries, no. The poor are you and me.

So what do you do to make sure that the course of a war is exactly what you need it to be to get the highest possible profits? Right, you make sure that everything is well organized and agreed upon. You make secret arrangements with politicians of the respective countries, try to bribe them or simply create a coup (False Flag), so the problems are solved quickly, effectively and nameless. One simply invents a narrative and informs the media about it. Then you inform your network of terrorist organizations, many of which from the beginning thought they were for peace and freedom, but in reality they fight and act for governments and business (don’t want to be named here but everybody knows them), and then the demos and false accusations start, which are based on nothing but lies and business interests. That’s how you create chaos and then you create the saving new order.

The first and second world wars were in principle created by similar structures. If you still think that the Germans are to blame for both wars, you should make sure to get rid of the propaganda medium and read the right information.

No matter how you twist and turn it, war is never good. War is only good for profits at a level that we cannot even imagine. All topics such as terror, religion, territorial issues, etc., all these are only created side effects that are designed to sell the topic to the normal people better and to keep it quiet and also to let it be financed. It would not be so clever if one would say : „Dear citizens, starting tomorrow we go into the war against the Iraq. Our pots of gold are empty and we must acquire wealth. Thousands, if not millions of people will die innocently, but we like to do this to refill our pockets“. No, you simply say: „Terror has struck. We must show strength and make sure that this never happens again. All our energy and strength is now being used against terrorism.” *And many years later we stand there and find out that Osama Bin Laden was an ally of the USA who simply knew too much.


When you hear the term „slave society,“ you automatically think of oppressed people from past history. But what has actually changed today? Are we free? Or could it be that we only have the impression that we are free, but in reality we have become part of a global slave society? A society that is designed to live its life chasing money to pay bills and survive. Bills that actually make little sense in their origin, considering that there are many other options that would transform global equality into a global concept of peace and „wealth“ for all.

Today’s financial system is a legalized snowball system. Banks create money out of nothing and demand interest and real assets as „collateral“. The banking system is a fraud system, the majority of people are losers in this system, because banks always win in this system. Banks are criminal organizations that infiltrate and enslave humanity, because money rules the world.

With the introduction of money as such, humanity has been indoctrinated so that the pursuit of happiness now means the pursuit of more money. We have completely lost sight of the path of actual human nature. We have forgotten what it is like to live in togetherness and to savor life in its deepest and most spiritual way, in harmony with nature and not against it.

The profiteers of today’s monetary system have managed to exploit the planet in a few years in such a way that it is almost too late to create strategies that allow us to live again in harmony with the conditions and to work sustainably for the next generations. For years, innovative concepts of some great scientists worldwide, have been lying dormant in a drawer of ignorance.  An ignorance that was created out of greed and desire for power and one-sided, egoistic thinking.

Is it not alarming, that we entrust all our lives to people who in fact, have for many years knowingly ignored what is soon to come? The resources of the planet earth are as good as exhausted. The current monetary system is on the verge of collapse and the global effects can hardly be averted. Nevertheless, we do not see the forest for the trees and do not even notice that it is only up to us to overturn this to demand a new strategy.

Everything begins within yourself. As long as you let yourself be carried away by the propaganda of the system and strive for more and more materialism, you feed the present financial system more and more. It is quite abstract to strive for something that in principle does not exist. Not even the material things we strive for are made to be durable and useful. In principle, it is only about maintaining an illusion until we die. Instead of reflecting and striving to live a rich, yet conscious and happy life together, we strive for things that are as ephemeral as a soap bubble.

The systematic division between rich and poor, man-made religions, parties and views, are the source of evil. Division creates hatred and violence and this creates the global monetary system. As long as there are great disparities of financial classes, we continue to fuel the wheel of the corrupt monetary system.

Disease, poverty, addictions and artificially created issues like racism, religion or even political parties are only there to play into the hands of the big players and to give us the impression that we have a free choice. We haven’t had that for a long time. We are guided by systematically generated propaganda – there is something for everyone – and their makers, who know that only division and materialism leads to more profit, and that without regard for losses.

The key to happiness is called: WAIVER! Renunciation of abundance and injustice. We must learn again to share, to heal and to act and live in the spirit of togetherness. Only then will we open the gate to bliss and release global peace. True happiness is found by the one who gives!